Most buyers take their time with researching products or services. The research is not only important in helping them make discoveries about great recommendations, but also helps to enable them avoid mistakes made by most pioneer consumers. Although the consumer report magazine was such a powerful tool of the research, it is not in sync with todays’ shoppers’ behavior.

Today, consumers need to make buying decisions in a split second on their mobile devices, desktop computers or tablets. They have no time to read magazines but want specific information concerning what they are interested in- immediately. The Internet largely made of affiliate websites, fanatics about products, as well as customer reviews on e-commerce websites help in this endeavor.

For service websites that’d like to keep their secrets hidden like essay writing companies, it is tricky for them to publish customer feedback on site. In fact, consumers have no means of finding out what other customers say, or access to ratings given to specific writers within the essay writing company.

Student consumers

When you are buying an essay online, you need to ensure that the company you are interested in has the right people working for them. A single mistake hiring the wrong company would change your grade from a potential A grade to a C, or D. You need to check out customer reviews or expert reviews on a review website like to ensure that the decision you have made is truly helpful.



Why writes reviews about different essay writing companies. The reviews are interesting in the sense that while they’re not on the selling website, we can give you a glimpse into the experiences these companies offer. It will help you avoid buying low quality essays, avoid scams as well as help you save money. In addition, we have these reviews to help you save on background research time.

How it works

We review custom essay writing companies on this website. With that said, most of the reviews and ratings you’re seeing come from real customers of the companies in question. Once we have received multiple reviews, comments, and ratings for different companies, our team uses them to rank some of the consumer favorites.

In addition, our team also goes out of its way to write a summary describing the state of affairs at each paper company: their payment options, service channels, refund policies, caliber of writers, among others.